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The production of automatic machines for making plastic bags, made of coextruded multilayer material (30-120 my thick), in food industry. Machine’s parts: main module (cylinder’s working width-650mm, machine’s working width-550mm), following tools which form heat (lateral, arc and horizontal heat), transporter (autonomous automatic transporter with independent power and capability to adjust the inclination angle, and the oscillating transporter). Images galery

Installing, repairing and retaining equipment in printing industry. Complete following equipment production (craines, wheelbarrows (carts), shelves, ventilation systems). Images galery

The production of cloth and cotton disks for polyshing objects made of metal and plastic. Disk’s dimension’s: from Ø100mm up to Ø400 mm in diameter and thickness from 25mm up to 50 mm. We also offer sysall?? disks (Ø200-Ø350mm and 50mm thick), bar felt (2-30mm thick), leather and bony glue (grained and milled), powder sandpaper-Alluminium oxid (granulation from 80 up to 400), pastes for polishing stainless steel and plastic (plexiglass and clyrite) objects. Images galery

Production of air filters in two variants (synthetic thermally bonded fibre and aluminium honeycomb filters). Synthetic thermally bonded fibre filters are made in G2, G3 and G4 classes. Their main use is to purify air in ventilation systems. Filter dimensions: 592x285mm and 592x592mm with two or 10 “pockets”. Aluminium honeycomb filters are used to clean air exhaust systems of printing machines. Dimensions: 594x594x292mm. Images galery

Automatic machine for making and packing plastic bags made of coextruded multilayer material.
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